CH Volume 4, No 1, Retro Magazine

CH Volume 4, No 1, Retro Magazine
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    Due to ongoing requests a batch of long OOP CH magazines are back in reprint and facsimile format. What that means is some are remastered from paste up, some digital. But they are here, and include everything except die cut freebie counters that were part of the previous edition of CH 6/3. You'll want to own Genesis II for CH 6/3. We'll provide the counters for CH 6/4 while supplies last so don't wait!

    This is the Retro issue listed in facsimile format—created from dusty old files in some cases—but with all the old stuff there in the magzine pages as as per the above paragraph. History on paper.


    • A copy of the magazine edition shown on this order page
    • Any scenarios that came with the magazine originally as stand alone cards (only of provided in that issue as cards; otherwise they are printing within the pages)
    • The cover of the magazine is as shown above.
    • Any bundled map, K-2 is a new edition.