COUNTER Attacks! 2

COUNTER Attacks! 2
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    This is COUNTER Attacks! 2. We promised it, Bri Guy delivered the goods -- and it is bigger (2 counter sheets instead of 1 [one is 5" × 8"]), and it is badder. As in esoteric, delve into little-known Eastern Front battles, provide new color die-cut counters. So bad is good, we're getting super fly now. The series continues with a new frozen river geo, Hungarian MMCs in winter smocks, accurate Romanians in color. New AFV counters, some new to the system. YOUR system, the one you love. Look, 'Oblivion' is a great module. It sets the table for the guys that want to dig much deeper ... using the tools it provides, and adding new flavor, units, counters—to travel to forgotten fronts. On the Eastern Front. Color scenarios like all the new 2014 stuff. Camo tanks, check out the samples. And a certain essence, that can only be delivered by nuanced scenario designers, guys named Ramis, Martin, Porterfield, Daglish, and Martuzas.

    PLEASE ALLOW 4-6 weeks for delivery for this item.


    • > A set of 10 COLOR scenarios that use the new counters and rules
    • > Color special rules in 3-hole format
    • > 2 new counter sheets (280 INF and 76 AFV/Gun) with new color art galore!
    • > A new Winter Geo board in Sweet 16 style
    • > Color cover