BRL 1192 Dier El Munassib: El Alamein 1942

BRL 1192 Dier El Munassib: El Alamein 1942
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    The Desert Fox’s last offensive, the push for Alam Halfa, had come to a close. Minus Erwin Rommel, by that time in the battle he had taken sick and headed back to his beloved wife Lucie. No doubt bearing new shoes for his bride. By early September 1942, German dreams of basking in the fleshpots of Cairo were a thing of the past and as the next phase of the war in North Africa was ushered in, all signs pointed to the Axis on the defensive. The push towards Alam Halfa by the Afrikakorps put British minefields “January”, and to its west, “February”, within Axis lines. The minefield line “January” ran through a terrain feature known as the “Deir el Munassib:, as well as the “Munassib Depression”. It consisted of steeply sloping sides and carved into the surrounding terrain some fifty feet in places. This part of the southern El Alamein battlefield would become the realm of Italian formations. Most of them with little to no motorized transport to ever escape this hellscape if things went wrong. By the end of September, after a lull that saw a massive build-up at the behest of the new British C-in-C Montgomery, morale was not particularly high among Italian formations. That is, with the exception of one unit, the elite paratroopers of “Folgore”, newly christened as an infantry unit. Fate, and the Axis high command put them in the path of the first phase of what would soon known to the world as “Operation Lightfoot”. To their east, the British 44th Division came into the line, safely behind the “Nuts” and “May” minefields. It was from here that “Operation Braganza” would emanate forth, a preparatory offensive aimed to force the enemy back from the Deir el Munassib, and allow artillery to be situated there for the upcoming, front-wide, “Operation Lightfoot.”

    Includes large historical map + 8 scenarios (about 118 hours of play time overall) + color Special Rules + color folio. BRL counters sheets BRL1-2-3-4-5-6 and BRL_7 are required to play. If you own BRL Core + the BRL El Alamein expansion (and of the 3 that provided the counter sheet) you are good to go!