BRL 1192 Historical Module: Kellam's Bridge

BRL 1192 Historical Module: Kellam's Bridge
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    Welcome to KELLAM'S BRIDGE: La Fiere 1 on D-Day for BRL 1192. The module provides 10 scenarios, all set on a map that is more than 4 feet long!

    we’ve created a GIANT HEX rendition of the battlefield in BRL 1192 format – and it’s OVER FOUR FEET LONG – larger than any rendition of this contested Normandy battlefield done before.

    It basically gets you to ‘1 to 1’ representations of tank and soldier scale in the hexes. Like a miniatures experience, minus the painting and the cost.

    The package brings you that map, plus about 120 hours of play action in the form of 10 separate scenarios. You also get a new GERMAN ’44 Special HPT with the new enlarged Casualty Table that uses two 6-sided dice to increase outcomes – and potentially lethality. You also get the Special Rules folio, detailed LOS example, more new terrain, all in color.

    You’ll need to own the Kasserine and Torch expansions to get the U.S. infantry/AFVs and French AFVs, commanded by Germans in this battle – and will need the BRL 1192 core (aka “Tobruk Depro”). Ownership of BRL Hedgerow Hell will get you the U.S. HPT you’ll need but as we do not want to MAKE you feel a lack of that American spirit known as “freedom of choice” we’ll have that Play Aid up at the site to nail on its own too.

    There’s nothing that brings you the detail of BRL 1192, with individual soldiers, and 100% of the men and machines depicted in top-down, detailed views for evocative realism. It’s fitting that this battle comes to you, BRL 1192 Desert Foxes (and Jerboas – the new guys), with all we’ve immersed, others have invested, quality people that touched – this particular battle.