BRL 1192 Indian Country

BRL 1192 Indian Country
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    GRANDCAMP, NORMANDY, 8 June 1944: Frank D. Peregoy landed with the 116th Infantry Regiment at Bloody Omaha, among the first wave. He and his unit fought their way to Grandcamp by 8 June. The Germans were firmly entrenched on high ground overlooking the town and were able to inflict severe damage to any and all as they approached. Numerous attempts to neutralize the German position by supporting artillery and tank fire had proved ineffective until Technical Sergeant Peregory risked his own life by advancing up the hill under heavy enemy fire. He worked his way to the crest of the hill where he discovered an entrenchment leading to the main enemy fortifications 200 yards away. Without hesitating, he leaped into the trench and moved toward the emplacement. When he encountered a squad of enemy riflemen, he attacked them with hand grenades and his bayonet, killing eight and capturing another three. He then continued along the trench, forcing more than 32 German soldiers to surrender, including the machine gunners. This action opened the way for the leading elements of the battalion, allowing them to advance and secure its objective. For his actions, Peregory was recommended and approved for the Medal of Honor. The Medal was presented posthumously, however, because on June 14, 1944, six days after the action for which he would be awarded the Medal of Honor, he was killed.

    TOBRUK DEPROGRAMMED launched the detailed new BRL 1192 game SYSTEM and allows you to recreate the war in North Africa during World War II. The ultimate tactical-level game presentation is coupled with easy-to-understand and use rules and updated charts to enable you to re-create all the facets of the decisive Battle of Gazala—Rommel’s most spectacular victory that led directly to his defeat at El Alamein only a few months later. Unlike its predecessor, the new BRL 1192TM game engine that is at the heart of Tobruk DEPROGRAMMED equips you to experience Gazala AND the entire war in North Africa. What’s more, MONSTER gaming is part of the system with DTT expansions, plus additional battlefields, counters, and MORE ... make this a new journey that will entertain and educate you anew.

    BRL 1192 delivers breathtaking action and suspense at the scale and detail true tactical-level enthusiasts demand—individual squads, weapons and tanks. All the subtle nuances of tactical-level combat are provided by the system: gun duels; separate pivoting turrets; AFV indirect fire; coaxial machine-guns; melee; smoke; armor penetration; morale; AFV overruns; and more. Tanks are modeled using discrete armor values at turret, superstructure, lower hull and track aspects and front, side and rear facings and allows for the realistic use of High Explosive, Armor Piercing, APCR and HEAT ammunition. This is all accomplished using a detailed yet intuitive system that avoids the use of side notes, pre-recorded written moves and is SOLITAIRE friendly.

    This expansion module for BRL 1192 includes one LARGE HEX map + 4 scenarios that play on the map + a new M4A1 Damage Table with Panzerfaust HPT. All the rules you need to add to the core BRL 1192 rulebook are also provided on this folding card. This is NOT a complete game. Ownership of the BRL 1192 Core and any expansions providing American counters is required to play. This product is 100% MADE IN THE USA.