BRL 1192 Road to Mateur: Hill 609

BRL 1192 Road to Mateur: Hill 609
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    Hill 609 was an important height in the zone of the U.S. II Corps and German control of the strategic height could not be allowed to stand. The resulting battle would come to be known as “the American Army's coming-of-age” after what had been somewhat of a lackluster performance to that point in this, the first American campaign of the war that pitted Yanks vs. ‘Krauts’.
    In a foretelling of what American boys would face at ‘Bloody Omaha’ about a year later, the attack had to be frontal – a suggestion that the hill be bypassed was rejected by General Omar Bradley. Instead, the American 34th Infantry Division, commanded by Major General Charles Ryder, would ‘get after it’, and ‘it’ was nothing less than one of the most difficult objectives in all of Tunisia. The hill was shielded by steep slopes. The Germans had abundant artillery to lay in, and supported fire from nearby heights made the going that much more difficult.

    The result was a stiff battle and high casualties on both sides. The young men of the 34th managed to capture Hill 609 on 30 April, after three days of fighting … only to face enemy counter-attacks the following day. It was a near run thing, and a bloody one at that. But just as they would at Omaha Beach, the American fighting man showed his mettle. The German soldier of World War II would have no choice but to fear the Yank adversary in the days and months ahead, after the sacrifices made in American blood at Hill 609.

    Includes large historical map + 8 scenarios (about 118 hours of play time overall) + color Special Rules + color folio. BRL counters sheets BRL1-2-3-4-5-6 and BRL_9-10 are required to play. If you own BRL Core + the BRL 1192 Kasserine expansion you are good to go!