BRL 1192 Hedgerow Hell

BRL 1192 Hedgerow Hell
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    Ok, the name is oft-used by too evocative – and with the “BRL” thar she blows. A new 24” × 36” map brings you into the heart of the BAND OF BROTHERS in … wait for it: the Hedgerows of Normandy. Without painting up any miniatures the module brings YOU to a hot take on the Battle of Normandy … WHERE YOU ACCOUNT FOR EVERY MAN, GUN AND TANK.

    Every man. The module continues the BRL Overhead presentation (the system’s State of the Art) and provides some new wrinkles: 1) A new Casualty Table is provided that uses TWO six-sided dice to make the results less certain – and potentially MORE lethal. Or less lethal. It all depends on how may FRAG factors or Gunfire Factors you are throwing out there and LADY LUCK. 2) New terrain works with the new Casualty Table and the existing system with HPT DRM for one and all – plus DRM coded into the new Casualty Table as it has been ‘flipped’ results-wise, to mirror the way the HPT works. 3) We looked at ALL the Bocage themed games. Then looked again. Looked at the ‘cartoony’ art, the shadows, oh the drop shadows. And then came back to our retro REDMOND SIMONSEN ROOTS. The building art is the work of Sandy White and has not been used in the system. The woods are more yellowish green, earth grainier, the entire map aimed to be more foreboding. A familiar scene for your BRL 1192 warriors to ply their craft. Disclaimer: In BRL 1192 “war” no one gets hurt. 4. A new U.S. HPT/Casualty Table Play Aid in the familiar 12” × 18” folding format is provided for use and includes the new Casualty Table, plus some new material you’ll need. 5. A new Global SSR presentation is in color and part of the folding folio, really a play aid as it too contains a detailed LOS example. 6. The scenarios present you about 80 hours of gaming, enough to pore over the battlefield, Special Rules, unique situations and terrain, even if playing each ONCE.

    When you go to the BRL 1192 part of the site – it was there waiting for you all the time, you’ll see we positioned this to thank YOU for your manly patience. You there, hunkering down outside El Agheila. You there. All the other BRL 1192 gear is IN STOCK for immediate shipment. This new module also ships immediately. Some thoughts on the module. The map provides a chess-like experience, as you literally track every man, weapon and tank … on a battlefield that is legend. Yes, there have been other takes on the battle in the BOCAGE. From the aforementioned cartoony Memoir to those based on fun, easy to learn 16-page long rules sets, to much larger rules from GI: ANVIL OF VICTORY to ASL®.

    All of the above have tried to depict the tight nature of the battlefield. Tight, clogged lanes. Short lines of sight. Fog of war. And to some extent they’ve all done the job. So why this choice to get BRL 1192 breathing again? A number of reasons. One is that BRL Jerboas and Desert Foxes likely own the system to date and thus have their Germans (BRL 1192 Core/Tobruk DEPRO) and Americans (BRL Kasserine Expansion) in hand already—making for an easy entry. Kudos to predecessors aside, what they ALL have in common is that the system brought to fruition in the form of BRL 1192 preceded them ALL. And while its originator may be gone almost 20 years, he had dreams of expansion. He designed an Arnhem module that is massive. With this module, the first step OUT OF THE DESERT takes place without the complexity and investment a giant Arnhem module entails.

    Despite the playable nature of the scenarios, due to their non massive sizes, you will be experiencing a more detailed rendition, soldier by soldier, MG 42 by MG 42 … of the battle that none of the simpler … and even more complex systems provide. And you’ll be part of breaking new ground, with the opportunities for immersion, two-way communication with a listening publisher … that entails the creation, experimentation, of something new.