BRL 1192 Operation Torch and Beyond

BRL 1192 Operation Torch and Beyond
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    BRL 1192 the system has entered the overhead view segment of its lifecycle -- with the entire presentation, soldiers included - plus tanks and weapons -- now 100% overheads! Like minis minus all the painting and expense.

    In keeping with the new materials, all of the scenrios for the BRL 1192 expansions are being re-issued with the new layouts, art and proper counters needed for the overhead Infantry.

    Are you ready to be one of the Rats ofTobruk? A DESERT FOX? We will provide you with the equipment. You bring your heart fo this corner of history.

    The BRL 1192 expansions that are now available to order as NEW versions:

    • >> BRL 1192 Expansion 1: El Alamein A - The battle of El Alamein, the first 8 scenarios.
    • >> BRL 1192 Expansion 2: El Alamein B - The action continues with a new batch of 8 scenarios taking you into the heart of the intense action.
    • >> BRL 1192 Expansion 3: El Alamein C - Supercharge and onwards, as the presentation wraps up with 8 more scenarios.
    • >> BRL 1192 Expansion 4: The Benghazi Handicap - Rommel races into the desert and the 'handicap' is on, one of the most exciting periods in the desert war. 8 scenarios, all set during the 1941 campaign.
    • >> BRL 1192 Expansion 5: Electric Whiskers - The Italian 'juggernaut' pushes forward into Egypt and an easy victory over British forces. Or will is be so easy? 8 scenarios, all set during the 1940 campaign.
    • >> BRL 1192 Expansion 6: Kasserine and Beyond
    • >> BRL 1192 Expansion 7: Operation Torch

    Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery. The item description states which pack you are ordering. UPDATE: Out to print and ships imminently!