Baraque de Fraiture 2nd Ed. NO MAP

Baraque de Fraiture 2nd Ed. NO MAP
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    CH has teamed up with Front Line Productions to bring you a Battle of the Bulge battlefield recreated faithfully for our ASLComp customers. Just how did this come about?

    Aw, c’mon! You know here at CH we’re all about recreating 20th Century military history at 50 yards scale. And that means maps, LOTS of maps. In the case of the fateful engagement at the Baraque de Fraiture crossroads, that meant taking the original Front Line prototype and honing it through an onsite research trip, creating an detailed historical map in the process. Add tanks, guns and men and voilá, tactical-level gaming has a new battlefield, in this case an ASLComp variant that is a must-have for hobbyists of Beyond ValorTM and YanksTM.

    BARAQUE DE FRAITURE documents the onsite visit and its conclusions in the expanded 12 page booklet included with the product. You also get a batch of well-crafted and cool scenarios -- ThIS EDITION DOES NOT INCLUDE A MAP AND IS FOR PREVIOUS OWNERS. A total of nine scenarios are provided, all printed on 110 lb. heavyweight card, and two using geomorphic boards.