ATS To the Volga 1: Battle for the Traktorenwerk

ATS To the Volga 1: Battle for the Traktorenwerk
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    Over 20 years ago a full-size map, from worker's settlement outskirts to the VOLGA - was presented to our ASLer audience. Back then, creativity was married to 22" × 34" print spreads for sheet size, and cloudy painted artwork, that often times ran over hexsides, or was hard to make out for eyes that were in their 30's then.

    ATSers have never had a go at the full Traktorenwerk battlefield at Stalingrad.

    Until NOW.

    It starts with a set hex size, look and color palette for Stalingrad. It continues with a new look for buildings, blended in well with the retro art for a nice fit. It brings ATSers their first touch of the full Traktorenwerk battlefield, with new scenarios treating the historical situations.


    >> Traktorenwerk Stalingrad Map - it's the start of the VOLGA Series.
    >> 10 scenarios that play on the map
    >> 4 counter sheets - Russian Personnel + German Personnel + German/Russian AFVs + Large Emplacements
    >> AFV Cards to trim out
    >> Battlefield Walkaround

    Ownership of the ATS Rulebook 2014, and standard system small and large markers + 1 × German Personnel + 1 × Russian Personnel + 1 ×