ATS Stand At Vinkt 1940

ATS Stand At Vinkt 1940
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    ATS Stand At Vinkt 1940


    In the morning of 25 May elements 56 Infanterie Division of Generalmajor Kriebel had managed to cross the canal unhindered or after a short fight against dispirited troops of the 4th Infanterie Divisie.  This division had been stationed in Limburg near the Dutch border and had seen a lot of fighting and even more continuous withrawing.  Most regiments were decimated or were missing whole units and there was hardly a reserve force.  Once the Germans were over the canal whole groups started to surrender and soon the 4th Divisie‚Äôs front was crumbling.  Whole units were fleeing westwards with the I. Battalion/192. Regiment in pursuit.  Some elements, aided by AT batteries tried to stem the tide but most got overrun.  Spoiling actions of the 1st Jager Regiment of 5th Infanterie Division did not change very much. The situation became critical.

    The Belgian High Command had already given the 1st Chasseurs Ardennais Division the order to move to the hard pressed front near Kortrijk when the breach was made.  The Sangliers were ordered to make about face and stop the German assault in front of the village of Vinkt, a few kilometers west of the canal.  III. Battalion/1st Regiment Chasseurs Ardennais under commandant Phillipart collided with the advancing Germans just in front of the village and prevented further breakthroughs.  VI. Corps command was not at ease though and it ordered the Chasseurs Ardennais division to counterattack.  I. Battalion led by Major van Espen and III.  Battalion under Major Velghe (both from 3rd Regiment) were send into the fray.

    This is the Battle of France, 1940 - in Belgium, No company has made a greater commitment to this time, this place - from the Albert Canal, to Kanne ... to STAND AT VINKT. Rolling farmland on one of the larger maps created to date ... was suddenly converted from a peaceful, bucolic scene ... to WAR as the advancing Germans began their thrust to the Channel coast during those fateful days of May 1940. There were stands by brave Belgians - a story lost to history.

    Until now. Here and now.

    Includes 10 scenarios that all play on the historical map + Battlefield Walkaround, AFV Cards + color folio and, of course, a new historical map. Ships imminently - expected to pack up next week. Requires ownership of ATS Rulebook 2014, plus German and Belgian Personnel + Belgian AFV sheet + German AFV sheet.