ATS TO THE VOLGA 2: Mamayev Kurgan

ATS TO THE VOLGA 2: Mamayev Kurgan
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    The feedback has been good, as has the support for the TO THE VOLGA project and it makes perfect sense to continue and build on it by bringing new work out of existing research efforts. So say hello to TO THE VOLGA! 2 - Mamayev Kurgan. A new map that used the color palette for the series, the larger hex size, building art, as we continue to expand The Battle of Stalingrad ever outward.

    The version for ASLers includes the above, enlarged map set that is part of the VOLGA series - as well as for the first time, color-keyed scenarios, the latest art, and an approach that is just perfect for owners of the Russian and Wehrmacht NAT Sets - and to make things even more evocative, there is a WINTERIZED MAMAYEV MAP also available for use with the Ground Snow scenarios that are included, depicting the grim, January 1943 phase of the battle.

    And it was grim.

    Also, in keeping with the approach, a MAMA-MONSTER MAMAYEV MAP SET is also availalbe.

    All this gear ships right away.

    For the ATS edition - you ALSO get TWO SHEETS of counters, one each of the new Photo Realistic German and Russian Infantry - providing all the Personnel you need to play. Just bring the usual ATS stuff (rulebook, dice and markers), plus your Russian/German AFV Sheet (that has been provisioned to you since Panther Line days lo some 15 years ago - as well as in new versions, including one at the site now. You can also nail a WINTERIZED and MAMA-MONSTER map version.