ATS Ultimate Desert Fox 1

ATS Ultimate Desert Fox 1
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    This is the ATS Ultimate Desert Fox Core 1 module. It includes 6 scenarios + 2 bonus scenarios (a total of 8; mostly El Alamein themed), and the Core Board Set consisting of 6 × 12.5" × 18.5" geo maps + an AFV Card set - NO OVERLAYS - ALL TERRAIN PRINTED. Scenarios in the latest, color-themed with all that new military art we had created just for you. OOB tweaks and mods, not compatible with any other North Africa material.

    Ownership of the ATS Rulebook, and the counters from Advanced Tobruk (we suggest the latest but you can use older versions) is required.

    Each ATS Ultimate Desert Fox builds on the next! You'll build the war in the Western Desert, El Alamein, and Tunisia like never before.