ATS Teutonic Terror 3: Brothers in Arms

ATS Teutonic Terror 3: Brothers in Arms
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    ATS_TTer3 ATS Teutonic Terror 3: Brothers in Arms DEC_2016 The ATS TUETONIC TERROR collection has one aim – no not to terrorize you, nor burn down your village. It aims to bring you 18” × 24” and 24” × 36” battefields, depicting action on the Eastern and Western Fronts of World War II – with a HEAVY emphasis on the Ostfront. It’s a collection you build on, so to play TUETONIC TERROR 2, you need to own TT1 – no relation to venerable, cuddly ATS “Tabletop” aka “TT”.

    This is gut-wrenching – and ‘tabletop’ sounded more like where your Mom put her chotchkes for the big tag sale. We’re blowing apart your company of Ivans, sorry.

    Before the TUETONIC TERROR ends … if it ever ends … the aim is 50 boards, scenarios to go with them. All in neat folios for your shelf.
    ATS Teutonic Terror 3 is 8 brand new scenarios plus 3 new maps, decorative folio and all the action you can handle!

    YOU NEED TO OWN THE ATS RULEBOOK 2014, standard small and large system markers, 1 or more ten sided dice, and the following counter sheets: German Personnel (any edition) + Russian Personnel (any edition) + Russian VEH and H Wpns 2016 + ATS German Veh and H Wpns 2016.

    Allow approx. 2-4 weeks for delivery.