ATS Steel and Blood: Eastern Front '44

ATS Steel and Blood: Eastern Front '44
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    GARAMPALD, NEAR KEMEND, HUNGARY, 26 December 1944: With one
    daring stroke advance elements of the 5th Guards Tank Corps had seized the
    crossing over the Garam River. Tank riders and tanks now threatened to block and
    disrupt the withdrawal route of the German LXXII ArmeeKorps. The German
    response would come quickly—in the form of a counter-attack by all available
    forces—to retake the vital crossing. At 1035 hours Major Pal Bernolak organized
    an attack group consisting of Hungarian paratroopers, German assault guns, Hetzers
    and Mark IVs with Hungarian crews attacked from the northwest. Despite losing
    a Jagdpanzer in the opening minutes the attack pressed on. With artillery raining in
    and reinforcements entering the fray it was now the Russians who were cut off.
    Withdrawing before dark the Hungarians once again controlled this key crossing as
    well as securing the important road junction running through nearby Kemend. The
    badly needed escape rout was once again opened.

    Bring your ATS Hungarian Personnel and AFV counter sheets + the same for Romanians and Russians - AND Germans. This new set includes 6 new maps, heavy action and 8 scenarios.

    This special price is good for the weekend of 29 January 2021 AND if ordered that weekend get a FREE bonus of 88 German Personnel, CLASSIC ATS style, from a recent printing. Ships upon completion, about a week and a half.