ATS Sword Beach: D-Day 1944

ATS Sword Beach: D-Day 1944
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    ATS SWORD BEACH covers the British attack on Sword Beach on D-Day 6th June 1944. It focuses on the actions of the 8th British brigade, which provided the beach assault battalions and then attacked several strongpoint's inland; is also includes the counter attack by 21st Panzer in the afternoon of D day and lastly considers the actions fought on the flanks of the beach landings by 4 and 41 RM commando.

    La Breche d’Hermanville, FRANCE, 6 June 1944: The left hand half of Sword Red beach was dominated by the large WN20, designated Cod by the British. B company of 2 E Yorks was to attack the position head on whilst C Company of the 1 South Lancs. was to land to the right and then swing left and take the WN in the flank. The infantry were to be supported by more than fifty tanks, DD Sherman’s, AVRE, and Flails. As the leading LCA approached the beach E Yorks Maj LC King read his men lines from Shakespeare’s Henry V “On, On you noble English whose blood is fet from fathers of war-proof... Be copy now to men of grosser blood and teach them how to war.” The heavy air and artillery bombardment had little impact on Cod, the attackers coming under heavy and sustained fire as they approached the shore. Fifteen or so of the DD Sherman’s managed to swim ashore, arriving alongside the LCT carrying the tanks and the LCA carrying the lead assault companies. The infantry, their accompanying armour and the DD’s all disembarked into a hail of fire, several tanks bogged down, others were knocked out and the E Yorks were pinned down on the beach but the S Lancs managed to cross over the sea wall and attacked Cod from the flank. By H+30 the beach was no longer under direct fire though indirect fire continued to fall.

    Sword Beach was essential to allied planners as it would link the beachhead at Juno Beach with the left flank of the invasion created by the British 6th Airborne Division. Third British Division would land at Sword, its objectives were to breach the sea defences and secure a lodgement inland, preferably taking the City of Caen in order to help secure the left flank of the allied lodgement. Each of 3rd Division's nine infantry battalions would be supported by a tank squadron from 27th Armoured Brigade. 8th Infantry Brigade was to storm the beach and then subdue several strongpoints immediately inland. 185th Infantry Brigade was to advance quickly and take the City of Caen. 9th Infantry Brigade was to secure the Division's right flank and ensure a firm link with the Canadian 3rd Division in Juno.

    THIS MODULE includes ALL the combat counters you need to play the scenarios provided. You get 5 sheets of color, die cut counters in various sizes, 6 maps, color, 3-hole Special Rules that expand on the OMAHA presenation (and are stand alone; there is no need to own OMAHA), 12 scenarios, landing play aids, color folio and more! REQUIRES OWNERSHIP OF THE ATS RULEBOOK 2014 and standard system large and small markers.


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