ATS Second to None: The Battle of St. Georges d'Elle 1944

ATS Second to None: The Battle of St. Georges d'Elle 1944
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    St-Georges-d'Elle, France, 11 June 1944: The quiet Norman village of St. Georges d’Elle first appeared in the history of the Normandy campaign shortly after the D-Day landings. There, a firm German defense-line was encountered on 11 June, in what was then referred to as the Berigny-St. Georges d’Elle-Ivon sector. Here, the 2nd Infantry Division, known by its moniker,“Second to None”, had its first encounter with the 3rd Parachute Division, blooded its soldiers, and took its first enemy prisoners. It was the beginning of a seesaw battle at and around St. Georges d'Elle. Between 11-16 June, when a halt was ordered to prepare for the attack on Hill 192, the division’s positions snared around nearby villages, and consolidated hard-fought gains. St. Georges d’Elle was to change hands several times, was entered by battalions of the 23rd and 38th Regiments. The 23rd also captured Berigny, while St. Germain d’Elle fell to the 9th.The American preponderance of arms had pushed the German forces out of St. Georges d’ Elle. Fallschirmjäger commander Colonel Stefani quickly organized a counter-attack to take it back and both sides of the village church became the focal point. The Germans and their foes fought each other across the streets and alleys of the small village. This day the German forces could not take the village back due in part to the intense firepower and the skill of the individual American soldiers. The dogfaces began to push the Germans back, one hedgerow-lined field at a time. Despite a significant firepower advantage, the Fallschirmjägers managed to fall back to their next line of resistance. American officers and non coms had a healthy respect for the German paratroopers, “…[the Fallschirmjäger unit] consisted of young German volunteers, and numbered 15,976 soldiers and officers. Its level of training and excellent weapon systems prompted the commander of [a US] Infantry Division to remark, ‘Those Germans are the best damned soldiers I ever saw…”

    If YOU love fighting amidst the Bocage of Normandy you are going to LOVE SECOND 2 NONE - the Battle of St Georges d'Elle 1944. What's more, in keeping with the ATS approach of 2016, you get ALL the combat counters you need to play and that means 4 sheets of the LATEST -- including the entire American OOB in Olive Drab for the included scenarios. SHIPS IMMEDIATELY.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This product contains ALL the combat counters you need to play -- IT IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME. You need small and large marker counter sheets and the ATS Rulebook 2014//Play Aid set to use this product.