ATS Along the Raate Road

ATS Along the Raate Road
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    ATSers have been asking, "why don't we get our own 6-foot long cool as heck Raate Road action?" The answer is - HERE. And it's for serious ATSers ... or new guys and has the new maps - ALL 5 - with the evocative terrain that led one gamer to write in:

    "If that's what Finland looks like, I am moving there!"

    Well that will not be required as we bring you some of the most challenging, densly forested, small villaged - islands, lakes, frozen streams ... the epic battlefield of The Winter War as you have NEVER experienced it. Plus new Battelfield Walkaround keyed to the materials, snazzy folio - and naturally, 10 scenarios, including the RAATE ROAD monster, plus AFV Cards.

    This is an ATS BYOC module and here's what you need: 2 × Russian Personnel + 2 × Winter War AFVs and H Wpns + ATS Russian Vehicles and H Weapons (you can use any edition of these but the 2018 version is at the BYOC counters link). We suggest the ATS Small Markers Retro Style AND the BRAND NEW ATS Large Markers: Emplacements 16 sheet also. You'll need your ATS Rulebook 2014, and 10-sided dice of course.

    This is a special price and it goes away .... tick tock ... Motti clock.