ATS Ridge Runners of Toktong Pass 2016

ATS Ridge Runners of Toktong Pass 2016
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    Along the road between KOTO-RI and HAGARU-RI, KOREA, 29 November 1950: As the head of Task Force Drysdale fought its way through to Hagaru-ri, a miscellaneous assortment of British and American soldiers found themselves cut off, stranded in Hell Fire Valley for the night. As Marine air and artillery support tapered off at dusk, the remnants of the convoy now consisted of two large perimeters and three splinter groups, stretching over a distance of 1,200 yards. In the containment were 52 British Marines from the 41st Independent Commando, 190 men from Company B, 31st Infantry Regiment, and about 150 Marine service troops. There was no ammunition on hand for the 60mm mortars, and no heavy weapons. The Chinese took their time, probing and scouting before finally setting up one mortar on the right flank, and another on the left. Luckily, their fire wasn’t accurate, as the British and American positions were hardly advantageous to the defense. Major J. N. McLaughlin and a veteran Marine MP, Warrant Officer Lloyd V. Dirst soon rose to the occasion, the former gathering the men in the northern group into a tight defensive perimeter and the latter striding about, smoking his pipe, and barking out orders. Later in the night the valiant MP was hit by a mortar round, suffering a serious head wound. Twice the men led by Major McLaughlin drove the Chinese from their mortar positions, only to have them return. By 0200 Hours, no grenades remained and orders were issued to fix bayonets. At one point the major called for the enemy to surrender. In the brief lull that followed about 100 men of the southern perimeter managed to escape. As daybreak approached the Chinese withdrew to the hills, providing an opportunity to evacuate the wounded. Among them was Warrant Officer Dirst, who survived only to die of his wounds a year later.

    We heard what you wanted and here it is AND then some. Areyou ready for a completely new take on Toktong Pass? Winterized, new retro terrain, Then you are ready to get your mittens on and join your fellow Frozen Chosin Marines and prepare for the next enemy attack.

    You receive a brand new Winterized map, 10 scenarios that all play on the winterized map, in color format, plus BW 3-hole punch color special rules!

    YOU WILL NEED TO OWN the ATS Rulebook 2014and system small and large markers.

    NOTE: THIS IS A VERY LIMITED PRINT RUN and as long as you see the page you can reserve your copy. This module ships the week of March 1, 2016.