ATS Rulebook 2014 Magazine Format w/Bonus Game Piece Key

ATS Rulebook 2014 Magazine Format w/Bonus Game Piece Key
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    The stable and longstanding ATS Rulebook 2014 is NEWLY MINTED in a magazine style format for you to roll up in your pocket and read on the train. Or the john. Or treat lovingly, and make sure not to bend a single corner! It comes with more pages than before, since there are additional color examples added and the smaller 8½ × 11 play aid is replaced - and BOTH Play Aids enlarged - to 12 × 18 format so you can squint less - and process data MORE. The new Play Aid format includes the long-awaited Game Piece Key and we're presenting two price points - one for the ATSer that supported the system via his or her purchase of the Binder/Non Binder version of the ATS Rulebook 2014, and new guys wandering in from the cold with a clear understanding. This DOES NOT COME WITH THE FREE E_Rules.


    • > A complete 76  page COLOR system rules set, magazine style rulebook format - INCLUDES MORE PAGES WITH EXAMPLES OF PLAY
    • > Includes the EXPANDED INDEX
    • > All examples of play in COLOR
    • > Enlarged - TWO 2-sided 12" × 18" folding System Play Aids