ATS Overhead US Personnel and Weapons

ATS Overhead US Personnel and Weapons
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    1 ×  NEW Nationality Specific Initiative Marker
    24 × 8-5-9 squads
    24 × 7-6-7 squads
    16 × 6-4-6 squads
    16 × 2-3-8 crews
    5 × 1-1-8 Officers with names
    3 × 1-1-7 Non Coms with names
    12  BAR Gunners with names
    8 × Satchel Charges
    6 × M2 60mm Light Mortars
    4 ×  Forward Observers
    12 × Bazooka 2.36"
    12 × M1919 Light Machine Guns
    8 × M1917 Medium Machine Guns
    5 × .50 caliber Heavy Machine Guns
    5 × M5A1 trailers to tote John Wayne around in
    4 × M2-2 flamethrowers

    There is one thing the publisher has learned in the creative realm, when catering to our engineer-brained (read: smart, date hungry) cadre: You need to take a leap of faith to break out some new looking gear.

    Here comes one such leap. Ask a system gamer what he thinks of experimentation, and invariably you'll get, "we like it the way it is". Ok, that would obviate such humans as innovator Hal Hock, our mentor emeritus, and lead me back to my cubbard to break out my copy of Tactics II.

    And not even the second edition.

    That brings us right. Here. Everying in ATS is a top down view EXCEPT for the Personnel. So while we have no beef with that, and apparently neither do you - it just can't feel like you are 'looking down on' a miniatures table, nor an actual battle - unless the men match the machines. So as a small, really small select print run I have sent out 2 new sheets of color, die-cut counters. They all feature the work of our talented military artist - and just BEG - but they point their MG 42, from the hip - when these little critters beg - to be used on all these LARGE HEX maps we've been a-creatin' for one and all.

    The way they are configured is this - they are the largest collection in one sheet of ATS Infantry and weapons, yet published - and will get you through all your Eastern Front modules - s they contain all the Personnel, leaders and 5/8" weapons you need. We're not leaving that to chance - here's a list of what each one of these ATS Footlockers of a counter sheet contains: