ATS Thunder at Melikhovo

ATS Thunder at Melikhovo
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    High times for the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS were in hand amidst the tall corn during the summer of 1943. Operation Citadel was in full swing and massive panzer formations still roamed the earth in tracked aggression.

    The 6th Panzer Division kicked off its attack towards Prokhorovka and a link up with II SS-Panzerkorps at 0645 hours on 10 July - and thundered forward. That is, until it reached the anti-tank ditch and mine belt in front of the fortified village of Kalinina, south of Melikhovo. Between the two towns another A-T ditch lurked, as well as another belt of defenses. German General Walther von Hünersdorff skirted these obstacles and sent two Kampfgruppen to attack Melikhovo from the east and the west. Meanwhile, German engineers were brought up to deal with the fortifications, and both sides hurled so much lead at one another, the grenadiers called Melikhovo “Little Stalingrad” due to the ferocity of the fight. The place would not be given up without a fight. An attack of thirty T-34s swarmed in, some 26 were knocked out …. but the ongoing battle allowed the Russians to form new stop lines just to the north. It would not be until 1900 hours that the back and forth resulted in the German capture of Melikhovo. But only after an especially bitter battle with heavy losses by both sides. Days later, General Hünersdorff would fall in battle; he was mortally wounded by friendly fighter-bombers and would die in the German hospital in Kharkov on 17 July 1943.

    Includes at a brand new historical map, at 8 new scenarios, Battlefield Walkaround, a color folio and 3 sheets of counters (2 × 88 Personnel and 1 × AFVs. You will need to own the ATS Rulebook and standard system markers - plus one or more 10-sided dice (2 or more suggested) and German/Russian Personnel and AFV counter sheets. This order represents the production of a custom made item and your order represents a contract for purchase and may not be canceled and ships upon completion. International orders will be notified of final postage prior to shipment.

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