ATS Lion of Judah: War in Ethiopia

ATS Lion of Judah: War in Ethiopia
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    On the road to ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA, 2 March 1936: The most cowardly war in history was drawing to its inevitable close as Mussolini's legions closed in on the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa. Despite the odds, many tribesman were waging a heroic struggle behind the Italian lines, conducting daily attacks against the enemy rear. In one such skirmish, an Italian armored column was escorting several supply vehicles when partisans were spotted on a hill ahead, deployed for the attack. Tankettes swept the hillside with machine gun fire upon sighting the Ethiopian partisans. The tribesmen responded in kind, spraying the Italian column with machine gun fire. The leading armored car was caught in a crossfire between ATR and machine gun fire, hit repeatedly, and soon caught fire. The AFVs and Bersaglieri steadily pushed back the Ethiopian irregulars despite the initial burst of fire. Suddenly, out of the early dawn sun erupted a wave of camel riding cavalry. Two more Italian armored cars moved forward to deal with this new threat and the slaughter began; only a handful of partisans broke through to the convoy. The survivors soon faded away into the distance while the battered convoy regrouped and continued on its way.

    Welcome to ATS LION OF JUDAH—ETHIOPIAN WAR 1935-36, a new module that brings a unique historical topic to your gaming table. This module is set in Italian East Africa during 1935-36 and includes all the combat counters you need to play PLUS 4 BRAND NEW BOARDS, plus AFV Cards and a 3-hole punch format Battlefield Walkaround.
    Ownership of the ATS Rulebook 2014 and standard system markers are required to play, plus one or more ten-sided dice.


    • 8 scenarios set during the Winter War plus Battlefield Walkaround in 3-hole format for your binder
    • 4 Boards that are used in the scenarios
    • A set of combat counters is included - you need to own the ATS Rulebook 2014 plus small and larger marker counters in order to play
    • AFV Cards to trim out
    • Battlefield Walkaround in 3-hole format