ATS Kohima: Operation C 1944

ATS Kohima: Operation C 1944
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    The battle of Kohima was the northern action of the Japanese U Go offensive, the southern part being fought around the Imphal plain. Whilst the battle of Imphal pitched Commonwealth and Japanese Corps against one another Kohima was a far more intimate affair fought over a small ridge only a few hundred yards in length and breadth, initially defended, by no more than fifteen hundred commonwealth troops who successfully held off the fifteen thousand men of Japanese 31st Division.

    The battle was fought in two phases, first the garrison was surrounded and besieged by the Japanese (4th to 19th April 1944); then the Commonwealth forces recaptured the ground lost on the ridge in May 1944.

    The battle was called the “Stalingrad of the Burma war” by a prominent Indian nationalist politician. Whilst the battle did not resemble Stalingrad in scale it effectively did to the Japanese army in Burma what Stalingrad did to the Germans in Russia; the Japanese army broke itself against the resolute defenders of Kohima and Imphal, was subjected to a fierce counter attack and then retreated in disarray back into Burma.

    What we present is a set of scenarios, all played on a really unique and detailed historical map unlike any other we've presented to our audience. A big pile of counters - with MUSTARD JAPANESE for both systems, our custom military art ... plus MON and ÜBER map sets to round out this limited print run.

    NOTE: THIS IS A VERY LIMITED PRINT RUN - and represents a custom order product. As long as you see the page you can reserve your copy. Ships upon completion.  Includes 5 sheets of counters, scenarios, special rules and historical map. Requires ownership of the ATS Rulebook 2014, plus small and large markers. Provides all the combat counters you need to play.