ATS Kaunus Offensive: Operation Bagration

ATS Kaunus Offensive: Operation Bagration
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    ATS Kaunus Offensive: Operation Bagration


    As Operation Bagration entered its third phase, Field Marshal Walter Model was forced to face the prospect of holding the line near Kaunas (Russian: Kovno) with a hodge-podge of formations, bringing together almost every part of the German war machine on the Eastern Front of 1944, equipment-wise and in terms of manpower. “Units” was a strong word, as most of the formations available on the Field Marshal’s map were really fragments that had managed to escape the trap that was the encirclement of Army Group Centre, earlier during Operation Bagration.

    And so it continues, the efforts here to create the length and breadth of Eastern Front battlefields, from the Steppe to the Baltic countries … and as Operation Bagration pressed on and created the darkest days, to date, for the Third Reich, to the border of East Prussia. Hills, forests, multiple villages ripe for the capture. Choke points, strong points, there’s a lot to pore over, defend and fight over on the evocative battle-scape. And you’ll get to make it happen with the latest ‘toys’, circa 1944.

    Includes at a brand new historical map, at least 8 new scenarios, all the combat counters needed to play and a color folio. You will need to own the ATS Rulebook and standard system markers - plus one or more 10-sided dice (2 or more suggested). This order represents the production of a custom made item and your order represents a contract for purchase and may not be canceled and ships upon completion. International orders will be notified of final postage prior to shipment.

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