ATS Animal Mother: Hue Monster Map Set

ATS Animal Mother: Hue Monster Map Set
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    I made a special deal with my printer and what we have on offer, to ship WITH your ASLComp or ATS Hue module – is ANIMAL MOTHER: Hue Super Map set. That’s nothing less than 25 boards for The Citadel, and another 3 for the An Cuu bridge battlefield. As long as the page is up, you are all over it, like The Joker, and poor Cowboy, he didn’t nail … his. But got nailed, all in movie parlance, no one got hurt and if you are the rare member of the Battalion that hasn’t seen “Full Metal Jacket” … or seen it 10 times (yup) .. then the publisher might have to go all R. Lee Ermy, ok, gently, gently aim that thing at the target.

    And a bull’s eye means nailing the ANIMAL MOTHER Hue Super Map Set (AMHSMS for ‘short’)