ATS Hue: Apex of the Vietnam War

ATS Hue: Apex of the Vietnam War
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    HUE, SOUTH VIETNAM, 31 January 1968: North Vietnamese assault troops snaked through the quiet city streets in search of their targets. At 0400 hours the 800th Battalion reached its first objective, the small Tay Loc Airfield in the center of the old city. The airfield was defended by fifty men from the Hac Bao Company and some ordnance troops who occupied positions around the hangers and the armory at the southeastern corner of the runway. Armed with a stockpile of M72 antitank rockets, the South Vietnamese killed at least thirty Communists and prevented the 800th Battalion from overrunning the lower portion of the runway. A short time later, the 802d Battalion marched past the northern edge of the airfield and headed for the 1st Division compound. Unfamiliar with the city, the battalion became lost for a time but eventually found its way, aided by the light of allied flares and with directions from local inhabitants.

    ATS HUE: APEX OF THE VIETNAM WARTM is a detailed histroical module that covers the infamous attack during the Tet holiday of 1968. It focuses on action within The Citadel as well as southern Hue. For a system that was borne at TOBRUK, a great deal of feedback has come our way with one word: HUE. Fans of the seminal flick, “Full Metal Jacket” voicing their desires? Perhaps. Two would be designers took a crack at it, but despite their best, honest efforts, it was too overwhelming. Not to worry, the end result is the first tactical-level game to ever have the guts to PUT YOU INTO THE HELL OF THE TET OFFENSIVE at Hue.

    You get all the combat counters you need to play the enclosed collection of 15 scenarios, a total of 486 (counters depicting) tanks, guns and men, in cardboard form where nobody gets hurt as you delve into the nuances of the battle block-by-block.