ATS Hell On Earth 2: Ponyri

ATS Hell On Earth 2: Ponyri
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    ATS KURSK—HELL ON EARTH 2 takes the battle for Ponyri outside of downtown, into farm fields with extensive plowed fields and map enhancements, a continuation of the extensive Soviet defensive lines, and more dominating heights. It is truly an unprecedented visual presentation of the Eastern Front as told in the words of the book, “Scorched Earth” by Paul Carrell. This is the update of Devil's Domain that is long overdue.

    Includes 8 maps that link to make one large battlefield + 10 scenarios + Elephant AFV and Revetment counters.  Ownership of 1 × Russian Personnel and 1 × Russian AFVs + 1 × German Personnel + 1 × German AFVs is required. Ownership of ATS Hell On Earth 1 is also required.