ATS Ragged Bloody Heroes Large Hex Edition 2016

ATS Ragged Bloody Heroes Large Hex Edition 2016
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    Welcome to the new ATS Ragged Bloody Heroes -- Large Hex Edition with 2016 counters, and all the combat counters you need toplay!

    GONA VILLAGE, NEW GUINEA, 8 December 1942: After the at- tack on the 6th December, Lt. Col. Honner, commander of the 39th Battalion requested two changes to the support provided his unit. Firstly, he refused any Allied air support, declaring it to be too inaccurate and capable of only forewarning the Japanese of impending attack. Secondly, he requested time delay fuses on the 25-pounder shells so they would penetrate the logs on top of the bunkers. In addition, his plans focused on the right flank of his lines, through the bush-land that a section of D Company had penetrated on the 6th. Finally, he committed his troops one minute prior to the end of the bombardment. Junior officers in A Company had similar ideas to Honner, and set out one minute early as well, and the Japanese defenders were taken by surprise. A Company cleared 5 pillboxes, and D Company burst through into the Mission Area, finally capturing the Mission. At the end of the day, the Japanese still held positions along the coast and South-West by the Creek, but the defenses were untenable, and the Japanese would have to break out that night.

    This is ATS NEW GUINEA 1: GONA MISSION, an all new ATS module that brings the fighting at the end of the Gona-Kokoda Trail to your gaming table. Ownership of the ATS Rulebook 2014 and system markers is required plus Japanse Personnel, Aussie Personnel, British 76mm MTRs from any sheet + Japanse AFVs and H Weapons.