ATS Knaust's Stand: Market Garden 1944

ATS Knaust's Stand: Market Garden 1944
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    ATS KNAUST’S STAND: MARKET GARDEN 1944TM is a detailed ASLComp variant module that follows Kampfgruppe Knaust after the Germans recaptured the bridge at Arnhem during September 1944. Tanks and men of the KG were rushed south to blunt the Allied push to relieve Frost and his Red Devils leading to an epic struggle that sealed the fate of the men holding on around that one bridge ‘too far.’

    This is the new historical module that continues CH's exploration of Operation Market Garden. The 4th module in the series, it features by far the LONGEST map, providing realistic ranges, and scope while still allowing for the convenience of playing smaller scenarios in smaller settings. After the Germans recaptured Armhem bridge Kampgruppe Knaust rushed south to halt the advance or Horrocks' XXX Corps. What ensued was a struggle between the cream of the British Empire, an entity not long for this world, and a hodge-podge of German soldiers, equipment from Pzkw III forward ... and a steely determination to halt the Allied advance short of the Reich.

    The setting is the polder of Betuwe (Batavia), criss-crossed with water obstacles making the movement of tanks mainly road-bound. Both sides know what is on the line: the survival of the Red Devils, clinging to the rubble in Arnhem .... or the breach of the last water barrier to Germany proper, the mighty Rhine.

    THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME! Ownership of the ATS Rulebook 2014, one or more ten-sided dice, plus marker counters and German/British Personnel and AFVs from previous Arnhem-based modules (or via direct purchase of counter sheets here at our site) are required. The publisher includes a FREE BONUS COUNTER SHEET with your purchase.*

    * Extended by publisher through weekend of 20-23 January 2023.