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    The village of Hotton lies in the Ourthe river valley at the junction of the roads from Marche, Barvaux, Grandhan and Manhay. During Hitler’s Wacht am Rhein offensive, aka ‘The Battle of the Bulge’, the town would represent a key road junction as well as an important river crossing.
    Hotton would become a battlefield on 21 December 1944. The night before, forward elements of the German 116th Panzer Division slipped between Task Force Hogan and Task Force Tucker, both from the American 3rd Armored Division. The surprise enemy encroachment made contact with the main road between Hotton and Soy, knocking American plans on their keester.

    General Rose’s strategy—to send the 3rd Armored down the main N15 Liège-Bastogne road—was rendered untenable when word came up the line around 0850 hours that ‘many German tanks’ had reached the road north of Hotton and were bearing down on the town. This was no drill, evidenced when small arms and mortar shells began falling in Hotton proper. German tanks entered the fray, soon knocking out two American Shermans east of the Ourthe. But just as the leading Panther was put into gear to continue the advance, a lone American tank-destroyer appeared on the opposite bank and put it out of action.

    Recreate it all here with the BYOC historical module, "Darkest December 2018". You receive everything you need to play, just bring your own existing versions of the following counter sheets or BETTER YET, nail the VERY LATEST NEW PRINTINGS of the following sheets, required to play this module:

    1 × ATS Bulge 44 VEH and H WPNS 2017_1
    1 × ATS American Bulge Infantry and L Weapons 2017_A
    1 × ATS German Infantry and L Weapons Winter_D
    1 × ATS Multi Module VEH and H WPNS 2017_1
    1 × ATS OD US AFVs and H Weapons 2018_1

    With this module you receive:

    3 × Historical battlefield maps of the terrain around the Hotton and environs
    1 × ATS Battlefield Walkaround in color, 3-hole format for your binder - a system specialty
    20 × Historical scenarios in color-touched format, each good for 10+ hours of re-playable play
    1 × color folio
    1 × AFV Card Set providing ALL the AFV Cards used in the scenarios