ATS Dien Bien Phu 2016

ATS Dien Bien Phu 2016
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    Dien Bien Phu, FRENCH INDOCHINA, 28 March 1954: By March 27th, General DeCastries faced a major problem: how to deal with the Viet Minh AA-guns that were seriously hampering his efforts at air resupply for the garrison. He decided that the next day he would send a large strike out to the west of the garrison’s position, tasked to capture a nest of AA batteries near the villages of Bang Ong Pet, and Ban Ban. The man he chose for the job was the most respected leader in the French garrison: Major Marcel Bigeard, affectionately known by a nick-name earned during his days in the resistance: Bruno. Behind a powerful barrage and ample air support the French attack came in. The 6th BPC (Colonial Parachute Battalion) struck Bang Ong Pet while the 8th BPC struck Ban Ban. The 8th achieved its objectives quickly, but the 6th was pinned down by stiff resistance. Three Chaffee tanks came up to reinforce the latter French assault and Viet Minh resistance soon gave way. When it was over the French were astounded at their success. Not only had they captured five 20mm AA-guns, twelve 12.7 AA MGs, and killed some 350 of the enemy, but they had done it against the elite 308th division, viewed by both armies to be the best unit the Viet Minh possessed.

    Word is this long OOP game is still in demand and we aim to answer ... and hereby have. New map, rules, color scenarios, all for previous owners of the ATS module with the opportunity to update their game pieces too! Combat counters sold separately.

    What we are here to do is update a classic in a big way. That means new map, new color themed scenarios and color rules. That's a lot of new and we feel you will really be happy you put this module in your collection.

    NOTE: THIS IS A VERY LIMITED PRINT RUN and as long as you see the page you can reserve your copy. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. You get a large historical map, rules in color, and a collection of 16 scenarios to use it all with! Requires ownership of the ATS Rulebook 2014 + small and large markers. ALL THE COMBAT COUNTERS NEEDED TO PLAY ARE INCLUDED.