ATS Classic Pointe du Hoc: D Day 1944

ATS Classic Pointe du Hoc: D Day 1944
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    Around these parts we will never forget the contributions of ATSer Drew Dorman (dec.) and his work on the classic, LARGE SHIP COUNTERS edition of ATS Pointe du Hoc lives on with an ALL COMBAT COUNTERS edition to bring your attention to the 80th Anniversary once again.

    The map is remastered, the latest print runs of German and American Personnel join the sheet of Classic ships, Ladders, Casemates and more to get YOU into the action in a bland of the old and the new. The result is a unique module experience that only needs you to bring your ATSRB 2014, markers and 10-sided dice.

    >> ADD'L BONUS FREE 140 small markers from the latest printing if you order between 6-10 June 2024.