ATS Bulge 1 2018

ATS Bulge 1 2018
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    Those poor "impatient customers" of last weeks mailers can no longer claim that status at FB or anywhere else ... any more. What we have here is the old school - see how I did that - ATS TT BULGE in a new edition - with never before published twists.

    Here are the twists:

    • A FREE set of ATS TT-sized Bulge Vehicles, Waffen SS, and 280 US and German Personnel counters are provided for use in the scenarios. That's 508 FREE counters in ½" and 5/8" TT sizes.
    • You can play the set bringing standard sized ATS counters, US and German Personnel, vehicles, markers and ATS Rulebook 2014 and charts.
    • The TT counters are tossed in there FREE. Did we mention they were free? That means you can play using TT-sized counters, but no one has to whinge about TT-sized counters because they're free. We dare non TT ATSers to toss them!
    • The maps are the classic Bulge winter 8" × 22" ... blown up to 4 boards each and making for an ultimate hex encounter. They remain using the boards created in that unique winter format by a former PIXAR  artist (shhhh, keep this between you and a Panther tank gussied up to look like an M-10). That's 16 boards, by the way.
    • Color format scenarios and BW.
    • GO TO THE PAGE AT THE SITE - ATS November 2018 - and see the MANIC FRIDAY price, good through the weekend.