ATS Buariki - Tarawa

ATS Buariki - Tarawa
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    The battle of Buariki on 27 November was the last engagement in the Gilberts, and it was just as deadly as each preceding encounter with the Special Naval Landing Forces. Murray attacked the Japanese defensive positions at first light, getting one salvo of supporting fire from Battery G before the lines become too intermingled in the extended melee. Here the fighting was similar to Guadalcanal: much hand-to-hand brawling in tangled underbrush. The Japanese had no elaborate defenses as on Betio, but the Imperial sea soldiers took advantage of cover and concealment, made every shot count, and fought to the last man. All 175 were slain. Murray's victory was dearly bought: 32 officers and men killed, 59 others wounded. The following day, the Marines crossed to the last remaining islet. There were no more Japanese to be found. On 28 November, Julian Smith announced "remaining enemy forces on Tarawa wiped out."

    This is the last word on TARAWA - the massive module experience launched in 2015. The island of Buariki, the northernmost in the atoll that included infamous Betio, would not fall quietly. It was a battle at the company level that saw bitter fighting and it DEMANDS recreation. One sheet each of 88 ATS JapaneseInfantry and L Weapons + 88 ATS USMC Infantry and L Weapons is
    provided as a FREE bonus in this copy of this module.A set of scenarios and special rules plus a color folio. Ships upon completion. International customer pay final postage - in addition to the charege shown. Maureen will contact you at the time of shipment to confirm your choice of postage class.