ATS Broken Arrow for Hue owners

ATS Broken Arrow for Hue owners
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    Shhh, let’s keep this in the ears of the Battalion for the time being. A few ‘extras’ have been added to the materials in ATS HUE – to allow you to play a special NEW module – ATS BROKEN ARROW: IA DRANG – that brings you the battle for LZ X-RAY with a newly terrained map, almost twice the size, hex-wise, with up-gunned Orders of Battle, using the new rules and counter versions that were not in the previous edition.

    What’s more, you’ll find it at the site at a price-point that just puts you on the HOT LZ, as long as you own ATS HUE. And your BROKEN ARROW will ship WITH your ATS Hue, in the coming week. There is a version of ATS Broken Arrow for non ATS Hue owners, too.

    YOU NEED TO OWN THE ATS RULEBOOK 2014, standard small and large system markers, 1 or more ten sided dice AND ATS HUE.