ATS Brody Pocket 2

ATS Brody Pocket 2
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    General Rybalko commander of the 3rd Guards Tank Army ordered his 6thGuards Tank Corps to move south from Busk following along the north shore of the Bug River to recon and find the enemy.  A lead element of the 6th Guards Tank corps, awarded the Lenin Order of the Red Banner, for its previous success encountered the 14th Field Replacement Bn of the 14th SS Grenadier Division “ Galicia Nr. 1”, as they lined up for breakfast early on the 18th of July.  The Field replacement Bn, having withdrawn from Busk moved up stream along the Bug River moving closer towards its Divisional Headquarters near Bialy Kamien.  On route, the unit which had been in the rear areas, lacking training as a unit; conducted training exercises, in preparation for it insertion into the line.  Hearing machine gun fire the soldiers of the Field Replacement Bn assumed that one of its companies was conducting a training exercise and therefore continued to eat their breakfast.  Immediately after the machine gun fire, cannon firing began and a Russian tank appeared out of nearby woods.   Fortunately for the poorly armed and trained SS troupers the Russians were not seeking a lengthy battle and passed through the battalion after a short intense firefight.

    This is ATS Brody Pocket 2. The summer of 1944 returns with a vengeance and you are hearing exactly what you think you are hearing: the sound of enemy tanks over the horizon. But orders are orders, and you will stand fast or meet the flying courts martial that have a way about convincing some to return to the right while the rest enter what the Vikings knew as the final destination for warriors. You will join the action with a set of 8 scenarios and 4 large semi-geo maps that create an overall play area of about 24" × 36"

    Note: Price shown is a weekend special. Order during the weekend of 15-18 January 2021 and you ALSO receive a publisher's special sheet of color-die-cut counters with an Eastern Front flavor - the BRAND NEW off the presses printing of ATS Small Marker counters from the BRAND NEW printing. This is Part 2 of a two part series. Ownership of Brody 1 is required to play Brody 2. Ships upon completion; 1st Q 2021.