ATS Briefing #3 NEW FOR 2016

ATS Briefing #3 NEW FOR 2016
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    The CH Annual has been a nice success, as it heads into #4 - a big Korean War extravaganza with material no one has (or will) touch on, an early Korean War focus. And the word has been passed up the line - ATS NEEDS ITS OWN MAGAZINE. So with that in mind, the ATS BRIEFING RE-LAUNCH is here > and the 'best of' approach is off the table.

    Instead, the 48 page issue that is DONE and ships this coming week > includes new material never before presented in ATS Briefing. The chess-like BUSTING THE BOCAGE module is new, with an expanded map -- upgraded art, new scenarios + a color REPLAY that takes you through the action for ATS Rulebook 2014 owners. There's Terrain Oddities, a new regular feature, with color illustrations and information AND previews of new rules coming in the ATSRB 2017! A brand new GRAIN ELEVATOR map -- never before presented to ATSer and in an edition never before presented to anyone, true to the Jack Decker design - is included with the new scenario action that takes place on it - Stalingrad, new, map new. Speaking of Urban Warfare, the promised 4 new Berlin scenarios are ALSO presented, plus the 2 new maps needed to play them on. An article about buildings as targets, Finns, Obstacles, Scenario Design, and more.

    All 48 pages are laid out in the color spread above - thar she blows!