ATS Breakout from Borisov 1

ATS Breakout from Borisov 1
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    Many Russian divisions, which were not caught in the encirclement of Minsk, were soon racing back to the safety of the Berizena River. There they hoped to establish a new defense line. Aware of the dangers of headlong advance, 'Fash Heinz' Guderian ordered the 17th Panzer Division out of the line behind Minsk to reach the Berizena first to cut off the enemy retreat. The German general would need the bridges there to continue his advance, and there were few left standing as of 1 July 1941.  The few bridges that were left were mostly small wooden types, unsuitable for German armor, but strong enough for Russian infantry, to cross on foot as they headed away from the onrushing Wehrmacht.

    This is ATS Breakout from Borisov 1, and it's the summer of 1941 all over again. Barbarossa is in full flight and you will join the action with a set of 8 scenarios and 4 large semi-geo maps that create an overall play area of about 24" × 36". If you have a hankering for early war Russian campaign, you need to get to the Berezina before the enemy.

    Note: Price shown is a weekend special. Order during the weekend of 15-18 January 2021 and you ALSO receive a publisher's special sheet of color- die-cut counters with an Eastern Front flavor. This is Part 1 of a two part series. Ownership of Borisov 1 is required to play Borisov 2.