ATS Bitter Tag: In the Gemblux Gap 1940

ATS Bitter Tag: In the Gemblux Gap 1940
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    What occurred in Belgium between 11-15 May was the fiercest tank battle of the World War II to date, based on tank usage by both combatants. The 3rd and 4th Panzer Divisions of General Erich Hoepner’s XVI Panzer Corps pressed forward into the Gembloux Gap, facing off against General Rene Prioux’s 1er Corps de Cavalrie, consisting of 2eme and 3eme Divisions Legeres Mecaniques (2nd and 3rd DLM). Both sides claimed to be the victor...and both were to lose over 100 tanks. History tells the tale of the relative insignificance of the French claims. The Germans held the battlefield, enabling their recovery teams to re-claim and repair many tanks formerly lost. They also continued their advance westward while the French withdrew. The battle also served to keep Allied attention focused on the avenue of expected enemy attack, on the Belgian front.

    For the first time in over 20 years, the first historical module to ever depict French vs. German armor is presented for ATSers. It includes 8 scenarios, + 1 macro scenario - all using 6 BRAND NEW maps of the largest geo format available - modeled after historical terrain. It is for hard core ATSers - you will need German Personnel, Early War AFVs - and French AFVs. If you own the Poland/Stonne modules for ATS you are good to go - as well as the TOBRUK Expansion Module for the French in North Africa.