ATS Rifleman 11 EVO: Peleliu

ATS Rifleman 11 EVO: Peleliu
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    The inhospitable, rocky island of Peleliu was defended by a garrison of 13,500 navy and army troops under the leadership of Major General Kenijiro Murai. The main defensive body, however, was the Japanese 2nd Infantry Regiment, an elite formation commanded by Colonel Kunio Nakagawa. Of Nakagawa’s 10,500 men, only 2,500 were dedicated to defending the landing beaches and holding the island’s airstrip, while the remainder were dug in all around the rest of the island, particularly in the Umurbrogol. On the 1st Division’s left flank, however, this force would prove to be formidable indeed, because they held a small chunk of high ground called ‘the Point’. This rock-strewn coral promontory split White Beach One, the northernmost of the beaches. Its sheer western face dropped steeply into the ocean, leaving only its northern side as a viable avenue of approach. From the hill’s heights the Japanese were able to pour murderous fire into the flanks of the Marines trying to cross White Beaches One and Two, including fire from a 47mm gun. On D-Day, the task fell to Company K, First Marines to knock out Japanese resistance on the Point. Commanded by Captain George P. Hunt, Company K was to land along an exposed stretch of shore a few hundred feet to the north of the objective, then turn to the right and make a head-on assault. The Japanese defenders had no intention of loosening their grip on such a key piece of terrain. Company K made only minimal gains before it was met by withering enemy fire and started taking heavy casualties. Captain Hunt knew his company would be annihilated if he didn’t act decisively, so he committed his reserves. While the Japanese were focused on destroying the Marines pinned along the north face of the Point, Lieutenant William Willis led his First Platoon around to the east side without being spotted, and hit the Japanese flank. The tactic worked as the Marines began to systematically destroy caves and pillboxes from both sides, including one that sheltered a 75mm gun that had menaced the landing beaches. Hunt and the other survivors were able to finally storm the crest of the Point and establish a defensive perimeter, but the cost had been high. Company K now consisted of only 34 combat effectives, and by the time it was relieved the next morning, only eighteen Marines still held the Point.

    A new take on undulations, enfilade, covered arc ambush -- all without the need for even one side note! March up on the enemy and get the drop - go for it. Nuanced terrain that provides countless additional data points to ponder in a 100% SOLO friendly environment - no side notes, no hidden records, no concealment counters ... by all means the action can and will be at your direction and can unfold DOWN THERE ON THE MAP during solo play.

    NOW HOLD YOUR HORSES – there’s more. We’ve been teasing you about ATS EVO for a few weeks now and maybe, just maybe, you’ve been scratching your balding head. That’s not dandruff, sir – that’s intellectual curiosity. And for good reason – since ATS RIFLEMAN 11 takes “EVO” to a U.S.M.C. beach landing.

    NOTE: You need to own the USMC and Japanese counters from ATS Rifleman 7 EVO. You receive a sheet of 5" x 8" USMC AFVs, H Weapons and Aircraft and will need to own another copy of this sheet from another product.