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    Just when you thought the INFANTRY battle on your tabletop could not offer you another thrill ... chill ... and nuance ... we bring you the the next edition in the ATS BOOTCAMP SERIES RIFLEMAN 10: Iwo Jima Motoyama AF #2. It introduces new concepts never before provided in ATS and dare we say, presents a new take on World War II combat at the tactical-level with a flavor like never before. You will find you and your men fighting it out in desperate struggles in large hexes, with new rules added to provide the flavor you crave.

    A new take on undulations, enfilade, covered arc ambush -- all without the need for even one side note! March up on the enemy and get the drop - go for it. Nuanced terrain that provides countless additional data points to ponder in a 100% SOLO friendly environment - no side notes, no hidden records, no concealment counters ... by all means the action can and will be at your direction and can unfold DOWN THERE ON THE MAP during solo play.

    NOW HOLD YOUR HORSES – there’s more. We’ve been teasing you about ATS EVO for a few weeks now and maybe, just maybe, you’ve been scratching your balding head. That’s not dandruff, sir – that’s intellectual curiosity. And for good reason – since ATS RIFLEMAN 7 has an “EVO” tacked on it as it introduces the first concepts – KEY CONCEPTS – from the system evolution – in its package.

    NOTE: You need to own the USMC and Japanese counters from ATS Rifleman 7 EVO. You receive a sheet of 5" x 8" USMC AFVs, H Weapons and Aircraft.