ATS Tuetonic Terror 4 - WINTER TERROR

ATS Tuetonic Terror 4 - WINTER TERROR
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    INCLUDES BONUS GERMAN AND AMERICAN WINTER AFV COUNTER SHEET - LATEST! ** REQUIRED OWNERSHIP OF AMERICAN AND GERMAN PERSONNEL ** TERROR IN THE SNOW The Teutonic Terror brings you, well, terror. But only if you see a Tiger I heading your way. Directly. At. You. Due to your support of the terror, we’re not going to hold back the first WINTER Teutonic Terror, aka “Teutonic Terror 4” – for ATS and ASLComp. We were going to wait until November or so … but since we’re jetting this Friday Emailer to the Battalion-men Down Under, we hear it’s a brisk 52 degrees farenheit, brrr – we feel you can handle the cold. We also feel you will like the new, largest ever here, 12.25” × 18.25” enlarged hex GEO boards—in WINTERIZED format and all new for the actions contained. As is the case with Teutonic Terror, the ‘summery’ editions, some scenarios are remastered just for the new boards.