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    Lt. Colonel Timmes landed alone in the flooded marsh and took some time to free himself from his harness. By 04:00 he had gathered ten men. Two gliders landed nearby and the number rose to thirty. The band grew steadily as Timmes led them past Cauquigny towards Amfreville, in the direction of his battalion objective. As dawn broke, sustained firing from Amfreville suggested to Timmes that Americans - and perhaps men of his own battalion -were already engaged there. He marched to the sound of the guns. Approaching Amfreville, Timmes’s force was stopped dead by volleys of fire from the church tower and the rooftops.  It suddenly became clear to Timmes that his was the only friendly force in the vicinity, and that the firing he could hear was all directed at himself. In moments, eight of his men went down. Four walking wounded were helped back; four KIA had to be left behind.

    The Germans garrisoning Amfreville were confused and disconcerted by the wide dispersal of the night’s paratroop landings. They sensed themselves surrounded, and responded with keen alacrity when ordered to break out to the east. Following close behind Timmes’s withdrawal, they pressed their pursuit. Around 09:30, Timmes found himself back in the orchard he had left some hours before. He had his men dig in, and the German advance was halted. Here Timmes would make his stand for the next, fateful, forty eight hours.

    Recreate it all here with the BYOC historical module, "Amfreville: Normandy 1944 2018". You receive everything you need to play, just bring your own existing versions of the following counter sheets or BETTER YET, nail the VERY LATEST NEW PRINTINGS of the following sheets, required to play this module:

    1 × ATS German Infantry and L Weapons 2018_1
    1 × ATS American 82nd Airborne Personnel 2018_1
    1 × ATS Mixed Batch AFVs and H Wpns NW17

    With this module you receive:

    1 × Historical battlefield map of the terrain to the north of La Fiere (the maps link)
    1 × ATS Battlefield Walkaround in color, 3-hole format for your binder - a system specialty
    8 × Historical scenarios in color-touched format, each good for 10+ hours of re-playable play
    1 × color folio
    1 × AFV Card Set providing ALL the AFV Cards used in the scenarios