ATS Stonne Heights 2016

ATS Stonne Heights 2016
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    STONNE, FRANCE, 15 May 1940: Soon after the withdrawal of the H39s of the 1st Company of the 45th BCC at 0730 hours, the heavy tanks of the 49th Battalion followed. After several passed through the seemingly empty streets, and in the absence of friendly infantry, the Char B1bis’ took position at the south edge of the village while the Gross Deutschland cautiously infiltrated the town with more and more support weapons. The next move by the French was another incursion by Char B1bis’, three of them ending up destroyed. Alarm was given at the higher echelons but the 10th Panzer command thought that the tanks of the 8th Regiment were still accompanying the IRGD infantrymen, so no reinforcements were sent. At 1030 hours, the main attack kicked off. Heavy enemy return fire was faced and progress was slow and murderous. Then the anti-tank nest was destroyed and the French infantry reached the gardens and houses, the pressure forcing the Germans to withdraw to a position four miles north of Stonne, covered by the fire from their StuG self-propelled Company.

    We heard what you wanted and here it is AND then some. Our pledge remains true > keep the catalog in print and moving forward. To that end, thte LONG OVERDUE remake of STONNE HEIGHTS, with the largest-hex map ever, all that terrin art you crave, really the module just as envisioned 'back in the old days' when it was being created and there were no limits. You get an all new map edition with some terrain fixes, plus retro art and hexes almost 150% larger than before + Combat counters needed to play including some FREE German retro AFVs to fill out the OOB - + the scenarios in color format for the first time and BW special rules color folio.

    NOTE: THIS IS A VERY LIMITED PRINT RUN and as long as you see the page you can reserve your copy. This module ships in 1-3 weeks. Ownership of the ATS Rulebook 2014 is required + standard system small and large markers.