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    On D+1, the 2nd Infantry Division hit the beach at St. Laurent-sur-Mer. According to the unit history, despite the date, 7 June 1944, “before moving in(land), one regiment was forced to blast out a company of Germans.” It would be another three days before weapons, communications equipment and vehicles would reach shore. Until then, the only vehicle in the division was a jeep loaned by another unit to Division Commander Maj. Gen. Walter M. Robertson. The first assignment of the ‘Indian Head’, the small town of Trevieres, was attacked by the 9th and 38th Regiments at 1200 hrs on 9 June. The village was held by well-prepared defensive positions and it would not be until the end of the day that the 38th had secured a foothold in the town. It was not until the end of 10th June that they cleared Trevieres, after a house-to-house fight.

    The 2nd’s push neither stopped nor hesitated at Trevieres. Spearheaded by the 9th and 38th Infantry Regiments, the division pushed through Le Molay, and the Foret de Cerisy, until it struck the first definitive enemy defense-line running west from Brigny through St. Georges d’Elle. In two days, the division had advanced overland 16 miles (10 miles as the crow flies). In the fight for St. Georges d’Elle, Pfc. Ralston A. Shepherd, 23rd Infantry, saved three companies from mass slaughter. Cornered in an area 30 by 100 yards, with hedgerows skirting both sides, the companies lay in direct line of fire from a Flak gun. Shepherd placed his BAR over a gate post and fired more than 1000 rounds, dispersing the enemy gun crew before it had the opportunity to go into action. The companies took advantage of the precious time, reorganized and fought their way out of the trap. For his action, Shepherd was awarded the Silver Star.

    Recreate it all here with the BYOC historical module, "Hill 192: Normandy 1944 2018". You receive everything you need to play, just bring your own existing versions of the following counter sheets or BETTER YET, nail the VERY LATEST NEW PRINTINGS of the following sheets, required to play this module:

    1 × ATS German Infantry and L Weapons 2018_1
    2 × ATS American Infantry and L Weapons OD_1 (OD 2 may also be used; the sheets have different leader names)
    1 × ATS German VEH and H WPNS 2018_1a
    1 × ATS OD US AFVs and H Weapons 2018_1

    With this module you receive:

    1 × Historical battlefield map of the terrain along the ridge leading to the shattered hilltop village of Santa Maria Infante
    1 × ATS Battlefield Walkaround in color, 3-hole format for your binder - a system specialty
    9 × Historical scenarios in color-touched format, each good for 10+ hours of re-playable play
    1 × color folio
    1 × AFV Card Set providing ALL the AFV Cards used in the scenarios