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    After the American barrage was lifted from the Left Tit, the 3rd Platoon, less the 4th Squad, pushed up the southern slope. Nearing the crest, the 1st and 3rd Squads veered to the right, struck the road, and moved along it for a few yards until the platoon leader, Lieutenant Panich, intercepted them. He warned the 1st and 3rd Squad leaders of mines on the road and steered them back to the slope west of it. Moving west from the road, the 1st and 3rd Squads, 3rd Platoon moved down the ridge slope beyond the Left Tit and swung west of house No. 2. Here they turned east again and moved up along the terraces below Hill 103 at a fast trot. A mine exploded, killing one man and wounding two more in the 3rd Squad, but the squads continued to push up the rising ground near Hill 103 to a point south of house No. 6 and west of the big house No. 7 on the road. There two explosions rocked the earth near the two squads and knocked them to the ground. Picking themselves up, the men started for the road, or for where they guessed it to be. Climbing up over the next terrace, they followed it for about 15 yards until they hit a double strand of concertina wire. Unable to move ahead, Sergeant Pyenta and Corporal Tyler and the survivors of his squad started off, racing over the terrace as fast as they could make it. As he passed from view above the first terrace, Corporal Tyler called back to Sergeant Pyenta, “The road’s up here!”

    The words were scarcely out of his mouth before bursts of machine-gun fire silenced him and mowed down the rest of his squad. The fire came from two automatic weapons, one in house No. 7 on the road, the other in a dugout behind the barbed wire and on the left flank of the 1st Squad. It was the latter gun, firing at point-blank range, which did most of the damage. 3rd Squad opened up on the two German machine guns with everything they had. When the shower of explosives was over, the machine guns were silent; the enemy had either been knocked out or had retreated to other positions. But during the fight the 1st and 3rd Squads were reduced to nine men, including the 3rd Squad leader, Sergeant Pyenta.

    Recreate it all here with the BYOC historical module, "La Fiere: D-Day 1944 2018". You receive everything you need to play, just bring your own existing versions of the following counter sheets or BETTER YET, nail the VERY LATEST NEW PRINTINGS of the following sheets, required to play this module:

    1 × ATS German Infantry and L Weapons 2018_1
    1 × ATS American Infantry and L Weapons OD_1 (OD 2 may also be used; the sheets have different leader names)
    1 × ATS German VEH and H WPNS 2018_1a
    1 × ATS OD US AFVs and H Weapons 2018_1

    With this module you receive:

    1 × Historical battlefield map of the terrain along the ridge leading to the shattered hilltop village of Santa Maria Infante
    1 × ATS Battlefield Walkaround in color, 3-hole format for your binder - a system specialty
    12 × Historical scenarios in color-touched format, each good for 10+ hours of re-playable play
    1 × color folio
    1 × AFV Card Set providing ALL the AFV Cards used in the scenarios