ATS Color Rules 3-Hole ALL NEW 2014 NO BINDER

ATS Color Rules 3-Hole ALL NEW 2014 NO BINDER
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    Once in the lifetime of a system a brilliant enthuisiastc comes along and has the talent .. and the ear ... to hear what his fellow hobbyists want in a system. The heart to make it happen. And the work ethic to stay the course. ATS has been blessed with multiple talents, the enduring skills of Drew Dorman, the affable and intelligent 'ATS Guy', Michal Blazejczyk of Virtual ATS, and others. But there is only one EAGLE. And has landed his impressive intellect ... right into the heart of the system. What's more, his efforts were to clarify -- make better -- while keeping it all STABLE as the system enters it's 'baker's dozen year'—with a 12 year run already in the rear-view mirror.

    CH's plan is to return Scott's goodwill to each and every ATSer. What that means is that the following incentives are in hand for implementation:

    • >> For a limited time, every customer that orders direct will receive the ATS E-Rules—a fully searchable electronic edition—and $49.95 value—as our gift*. These rules will be delivered as a Password Protected document—direct to your In Box.
    • >> A Non binder version of the rules/play aid product will also be available, created especially with our International Customers in mind—to save you BIG on postage.

    A ton of work went into the new edition, and an ATS system relaunch will be the result. We have DOZENS of never published ATS battlefields in the ready room ... waiting for your support of the system via the purchase of the new rulebook. The new rules supersede all previous editions and will be the only version available, so take the lead, get in the command tank, and nail your copy now.

    *The FREE E-Rules are available for a limited time only. The ordering page will show if the E-Rules special is still in force, so you can order in confidence E RULES ARE INCLUDED WITH THIS ORDER


    • > A complete 74 page COLOR system rules set, 3-hole punched format
    • > Includes all new EXPANDED INDEX
    • > All examples of play in COLOR
    • > Front and Back color covers NO BINDER PROVIDED
    • > Two new 2-sided 11" × 17" folding System Play Aids, 3-hole punched and offset folded to fit right in your rules binder!
    • > While available, a FREE copy of the fully searchable E RULEBOOK will be sent to you (email delivery of file to email used in your order) -- a $49.95 value!