Sujewo Heights: Tigers in the Mud 1944

Sujewo Heights: Tigers in the Mud 1944
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    Tigers in the Mud - Eastern Front Stand at the Panther Line: An all new take on the classic Ostfront battle with remastered, ENLARGED MAP that makes this a one-of a kind experience with armor, armor and did we mention armor? By early 1944, Army Group North held a front that bore the marks of previous battles; a long line built around Leningrad. Of course, STAVKA’s Baltic Front planners were determined to break the hold and finally free the city. 1943 ended with Army Group North facing the Russian Third Shock Army. Fighting had continued unabated through a muddy fall, and on into the month of December. Although the Germans had successfully held their front, the fighting power of Armee Gruppe Nord had been greatly reduced. The dead and wounded landsers were replaced by Latvian, Estonian, and Spanish soldiers. When OKW pulled the 5th Mountain Division out of the line, without a replacement, the time had come for a shortening of the front. The result became known as the ‘Panther Line’.

    Welcome to the ATS CORE MODULES, all new for 2014. New map, larger, on cardstock, folding with no trimming needed -- did we mention new terrain art throughout AND larger hexes? Perfect for those classic -- YET ALL NEW ATS COUNTERS -- the you'll have on the map deciding history ... all ... over ... again! This module is for owners of the ATS 2014 Color Rules plus ATS Standard Small Markers + Large Markers but may also be used easily by owners of any past edition of the ATS rules. All Special Rules and AFV Cards needed for play are included, along with ALL NEW FOLIO STYLE packaging. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This product contains ALL the combat counters you need to play -- IT IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME. You need small and large marker counter sheets and the ATS Rules Binder/Play Aid set to use this product.