ATS Leatherneck 2

ATS Leatherneck 2
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    WE ARE ALL IN with ATS Leatherneck Modules 1-2-3! Each module builds on the rest and you'll need to own LN1 to play LN2, and LN1 and 2 to play :LN3.

    The collection builds an all-new 11" × 16" geo board set and brings in new and familiar terrain, piers, coral reefs ... and so much more. The action is HOT but playable and you've never, ever hit the beaches ... hills ... and jungles like this in the history of ATS.

    Hold your Semper Fi fellahs ... cuz the packs give you the special COUNTERS YOU NEED TO PLAY-- just bring the new ATS USMC and JAPANESE Personnel and your ATS Rulebook 2014 and YOU ARE IN BUSINESS!

    Beach landing boards. Check. aked ridges, with twisty ravines, myriad lines-of-sight. Fire traps, ambushes, Jungle, Elephant Grass, slippery-sided streams. And a collection of boards and no hexside trim square sided overlays for new village terrain, airfield ... effluent, OCEAN, Beach, printed submerged/exposed Reef terrain .... yes, a LONG PIER .... IWO JIMA hills and crags. Get it all and have a larger collection of boards than offered by ANY other system. Plus 8 scenarios per module. What you won't get is a lot of cave-heavy scenarios, noting against the troglodyte wing of wargame guys, why do you think God invented those cute little basement windows, to get them some LIGHT. But we know YOU, the Chesty Puller-kind of wargamer wants SUNLIGHT, and that means we aim to get you into the ACTION, not expose you to a hexside overlay trim-a-thon, or 1120 and 1121 on 431 and 432 ... dis-incentive to HIT THE BEACH. Hit it, men, with ATS Leatherneck 1, ATS Leatherneck 2, and ATS Leatherneck 3 modules. But first, clear some shelf space for these here purdy foloders as they will be full and by all means, drop and give me 20, you will have to be IN TIP TOP SHAPE soldier ... to wade in against enemy fire!

    ATS LN 1 provides ALL the combat counters you need to play the LN1-2-3!

    ATS Leatherneck 2 FINAL Includes:

    >> Folio with BW rules printed inside in color format.

    >> PTO Geo Board AA.

    >> PTO Geo Board BB.

    >> PTO Geo Board DD.

    >> PTO Geo Board KK.

    >> 8 scenarios on 4 cards.